Friday, October 17, 2008

Down Down Down


Some call it going under.
Others say it's being buried alive.
Either way, I start to wonder
if all of this has become too much.

Some fight through and manage.
Others rely on outer strength.
And here I sit with an advantage
of hind sight, they say it's 20/20.

I can't begin to explain the feeling.
Like I'm choking in a sea of fire.
All this world has got me reeling,
and I wonder if there's a light.

I haven't much to offer
In terms of how to calm your woes.
All I can say is stay on your rocker,
and we'll ride it out, as it goes.

No apologizes, just words. It's cathartic. Have a good weekend. Hopefully I'll be back by next week. Comment on the last post please! Thanks!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Do Adjust Your TV Set

I've been trying to keep up with the latest Screen Actor's Guild (SAG) news. Since being denied a internship due to the "impending strike,"I've been watching the SAG updates quite carefully. I've discussed with some people the possibility that TV could once again take another screeching halt mid season. Now with all politics aside, what does this mean to the average viewer? It means that quite possibly, we'll get hit with another horrific round of "alternative programing." Or as it's more commonly known, reality TV.

As a writer and self proclaiming media connoisseur I absolutely can not take another season of mindless dribble. Despite the fact that much of current programing is almost as bad if not worse than Reality TV. To take from SNL's example "One OC Gossip Tree Creek." (And yes I'm going to call you out, Gossip Girl). I hate the fact that at the heart of "Reality" TV there is no reality at all. The original, Survivor? Honestly I can't remember the last time I was placed on a desert island with twenty other people and had to compete in games for immunity from getting me off the island. Beauty and the Geek? I have never been paired up with outrageously simple minded girls in a challenge to find out if I could change my nerdy ways and become more than just a geek. Amazing Race? No I don't remember being dropped off in some remote part of the world with only a few hundred dollars worth of local currency in a race against other couples to be the first to get home. The closest thing I could think of that would even slightly resemble true reality is Big Brother, and even then I normally have the freedom to leave my house when I please and I don't think I've ever held a massive 20 person non stop sleepover. But the kicker on all these? I've never been given $50,000.

Take this whole contemplation of possible Reality TV overload and add a dash of "oh shoot I haven't updated my blog in...I don't even remember how long," and you'll arrive at my current state. As I rolled around these two ingredients in my mind and tried to wrestle with possible blogging topics I found myself thinking about making my own reality TV show. The premise of the show? Well I'm glad you asked. It's called "Why are you watching this?" Basically what I'd do is just film little clips out of my day, add a little "ASF-esque" humor and present it to you, my readers. You can call it an experiment in true "Reality" TV. Now I'm not entirely sure I want to do this, seeing as my readership could possibly take a major down turn, it'll also take a bit of time, and the fact that my life really isn't that interesting. But the one major deterrent is the camera itself. In any case, I present to you this option. I know you all aren't really that fond of commenting, as I can see by the minuscule responses to my blogs, but I'm asking you the reader for your help. If you'd like to take part in this experiment to see what Reality TV should look like, post up and let me know. If not, post up and explain why I shouldn't. If I get enough help in deciding, you might see a new internet phenomenon start up and know that you took part in making it happen. Though that's not really likely to happen. But if you would please help me out by voicing your opinions. Thanks a bunch for your help! COMMENT!!!