Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Iconography and Morality

I don't know why, but recently I've noticed quite a few people with nose rings. Most of the times it's girls (which in and of itself is kinda weird). Now I'm all about self expression. If you want to get a tat, I'm all for it. I'll even take you if you want me to come along. If you want to pierce your ears, go for it. If you want to brand yourself (some of my friends have done this) be my guest. But my major problem is with nose piercings (specifically nose rings) and perhaps due to my major and my understanding of iconography.

For those that don't know iconography is basically the meaning behind symbols or icons. Having said that, nose rings hold significance in iconography. You see, in iconography a bull which has a ring in it's nose is actually a castrated bull. Having this understanding when I see girls, and especially guys, with nose rings it makes me not only think of bulls, but more so makes me question the person's intelligence. Is that wrong for me to do? Which got me thinking.

If ignorance is bliss, which I suppose in this case is really true, does it mean those that are more informed lose their rights to criticize those that are ignorant? Not solely for being ignorant, but rather exposing their folly? Now keep in mind that I've never informed those about their mark of castration, but the question begs to be asked, should I tell them?

If the right thing to do is inform them, then the question must be applied to others as well. For example there's two guys playing pool in front of me with cut off tshirts, and to be quite blunt they look ridiculous. And yet part of me assumes that they probably think they have the guns to pull it off, which sadly is not true. Would the right choice be to let them continue in stupidity and DB-edness or to inform them of their clear mistake?

In any case, I feel as though it's only appropriate that if one was to continue in ignorance, those in the know maintain the right to scoff behind their backs. I'm not saying we should laugh at their misfortune, but I feel as though we should be given the option to, after all is it our faults that we are better informed?

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