Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Pet Peeve # 97: The 5 Minute Lag

It happens too frequently. I had just finished a great lunch at, lets just say Chipotle (back when they used to give free sodas to students). Being Asian I'd always try to finish at least two cups of pop, to get my moneys worth. I had finished my quota and figured I should visit the WC before heading out and do a bit of shopping. I filled my cup once more, and took off on the rest of my day. I browsed a bit while finishing off the last of my drink. Tossed the cup and continued on my way. And then it happened.

Not more than 5 mins from the point that I either leave the restaurant or finish my last drink, I'll have to go to the bathroom again. What is that? I think the worst part is that I had already taken the preemptive measures by going to the bathroom before leaving. But no matter what for some reason I'll have to go again in little under 5 mins.

Due to the frequency that this occurs I've started to pick up on some patterns. 1) If I don't go before leaving the restaurant I won't have to go for at least a few hours. 2) The first trip is oddly shorter than the second. And lastly, Coke gives a slightly shorter lag time, than Sprite.

Now don't get the wrong idea, I don't have a tiny bladder, or some weird disorder where I can't hold it. I can hold it with the best of them. And though I haven't figured out exactly why this happens, I chalk this stupid phenomenon up to the fact that the drinks aren't getting together before asking to leave. I figure the first round goes down faster and gets impatient waiting for round two. Now if round two would just shave a couple mins off their time, or round one would increase their patience by, oh I don't know lets pick a random time, maybe 5 mins, we wouldn't be having this conversation.

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