Saturday, February 23, 2008


I've been waiting about a month or so to tell this story...

Browsing through the online school classifieds has always been a way to kill time for me. And every now and then you'll come across some great deals, or an unique item, or just something that you really needed. Nothing seemed that interesting as I scrolled down dozens of listing. And then it caught my eye. "$25 foosball table." I immediately responded saying that I'd be willing to out bid people for the table. The seller's response came back a couple days later saying that his first prospective buyer had backed out (idiot) and that I was up to purchase the table. I asked to see pictures of it cause I didn't want to buy a plastic table, those 4-in-1 things you see at Toys-R-Us. He responded saying that he didn't have a camera and that I should just come by and take a look.

I dropped by maybe a week later and liked what I saw. Only a couple broken men and in decent condition. I told him I'd take it but I'd have to try and find someone who could lend me their truck. He desperately wanted the thing out of his place, seeing as it took up more than half the room, so he said he'd call around and see if he could get a hold of a truck for me. He even dropped the price to $15 if he could get rid of it soon.

He called later that night and said he'd drop it off at my apartment in a few hours. When the time finally came I discovered just how heavy that thing was and realized I'd probably have to disassemble the whole thing to bring it through the door. We got it to the door of my apartment and I told him I had a friend coming by to help me move it the rest of the way and that I could take it from there. We were wrapping up the deal when I asked if he had change because I only had a ten and a twenty. He checked his pockets and wallet and found that he only had twenties also. He thought for a minute and finally just said, you know what, just give me the ten. SCORE!

I got it in the door on my own and got it set up. It required repair obviously and some cleaning, but for $10 I'm not complaining. It's all cleaned and fixed up as of now, but here's some pictures from when I first got it in.

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